Commissions and prices

CRIPTAN finances its activities through a commission charged on the transaction value of each purchase and sale. This commission is 1.50% in addition to our transaction costs.

Our transaction costs are currently estimated at 0.45% of the average market price. These are the costs incurred in order to guarantee the offered price when in the execution of the purchase or sale order.


The average market price is the median between the purchase and sale price across multiple platforms. Similar to exchange rate, this price is never the effective purchase or sale price. There are differences in both cases and this price is simply an average. We use this to value your wallet and you will also find this (with minor fluctuations) on web pages such as Yahoo Finance.


In conclusion, the official cost of purchasing or selling through CRIPTAN will be 1.95% of the average market price. This corresponds to CRIPTAN’s commission (1.50%) + transaction cost (0.45%). These are the best prices currently in a market, where transaction costs can easily be as high as 10%.

Credit Card Payments

Credit card purchases will be charged an additional 0.95%. As a result, the total cost of the transaction will be 2.90% of the average market price.

Sending Cryptocurrency

CRIPTAN does not charge any commission for introducing or withdrawing euros into your account, nor for any other reason. The only additional cost for charge for using cryptocurrencies in our platform is for sending them. It is necessary to include the network fees. In this case it is variable and depends on the cryptocurrency used as well as the level of internet congestion at the time of the transaction.

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