Senior Full-Stack Developer


As Criptan’s growth continues to accelerate, we’re looking for an experienced VP of Engineering to help us grow our team to meet the ever increasing demand for our product and expand our core functionality. As a Senior Full-Stack Developer, you’ll be responsible for building critical parts of our platform. This is a full-time role and it’s a completely virtual/telecommute position that will allow you to work from anywhere in the world. However, our team is located in Europe and Asia. This means that for timezone reasons you can be located anywhere in Europe or Asia but targeting more Europe timezone.




  • Design, implement and test functionality for our products.

  • Perform code reviews and ensure that its own development passes CI on a daily basis Maintain software of existing product portfolio

  • Improve team’s knowledge about adequate technology evolutions (performance, robustness, security…)

  • Ensure the required Software Quality standard with adequate automated tests

  • Participate in agile activities (stand-ups, sprint planning, sprint reviews…)

  • Collaborate with stakeholders (other fellow developers, VP Engineering, CTO, etc.)


Required Experience


  • 3+ years managing software engineers remotely in a rapidly growing technology business.

  • 3+ years developing and managing an engineering roadmap.

  • Deep experience in agile development, lean startup methodology.

  • Ability to work collaboratively with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

  • Well versed in our core technology stack which includes: TypeScript, JavaScript, Serverless, AWS, Flutter, React, MySQL and, to a lesser extent, Polymer and PHP.

About Us

Our vision is to make cryptocurrency available for the regular people in the street. Our motto: Crypto for everyone. CRIPTAN is much more than a cryptocurrency trading platform, we make cryptocurrencies part of people’s daily lives. We achieve this by strictly following a user-centric culture, with a radical focus on simplicity and convenience throughout all our products. Contrary to most cryptocurrency companies, we do strive to add real value in user’s daily lives and we feel proud of it. We’re a small but highly motivated team of 5 people working 100% remotely in 4 different countries. We’re looking for innovative and passionate individuals, who share our vision and will devote themselves to it. Learn more about us here:


If you think you are the right person for this job or have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach us at

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